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Mahjong Pro

Brain Games
2 usd

Mahjong Pro brings together Mahjong Genius, Mahjong Sports and ShisenSho into one exciting package. It is our premier Mahjong title and, we believe, one of the most comprehensive Mahjong Apps on the market today.Now with a host of exciting new features, including "3-tile match" and "halves" games, multi-layer ShisenSho, blocking wall tiles and pseudo random layouts.
Mahjong Pro has 230+ challenging and varied layouts and has been designed to provide an appealing but challenging experience for the user. The user interface is clean and easy to use and, with a choice of tile-sets and the inclusion of high resolution backgrounds, the game is visually stunning.
Game Mode options are:
Standard – normal game, high scores are maintained by board layout; Race – race against time to get on the high score board; Chase – tiles reappear on the board as the game progresses; Memory – match hidden tiles, seriously difficult..!
It is an excellent game for all age groups, providing stimulation and a mental challenge.
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- 3 games in 1 App: Mahjong Genius, Mahjong Sports and ShisenSho - 230+ multi-layer layouts with feature backgrounds and sounds- Mahjong Solitaire and ShisenSho (Four Rivers) standard rules- Additional "3-tile match", "Halves" and multi-layer ShisenSho games are supported- Standard, Race, Chase and Memory Modes- Game auto-save and auto-resume- Multiple tilesets, Sports themed layouts, wall components within board layouts- Flip and Invert board, Shuffle and Hint- High Scores maintained by board layout. Training Mode and Tutorial- Social networking with Facebook integration